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Why for So Long?

For you to truly get a good idea if our product is right for you, we want you to have them long enough to experience as many different types of hearing situations as possible. Whether it’s at your home watching TV, driving a car listening to the radio, being around kids, or a moment with family or friends…it takes time to encounter enough different situations to know. And we encourage you to be in these types of situations and others at least twice, so you can really be sure about your purchase decision.

RISK FREE 30-Day In-Home Trial

Trying a pair of hearing aids once in a quiet office is good for that environment, but what about when you’re home watching TV, or in a group setting, or at a crowded restaurant? Our risk free 30-day trial is an offer designed to help you, our customer, make the best informed decision on whether our product is going to meet your hearing needs.

Why Us

We understand that hearing loss is a personal experience. That’s why we offer a number of models to address your specific hearing loss and can tailor them to your lifestyle needs. Each of our hearing aid options is completely adjustable and comes with a full host of features designed to improve your ability to hear. We’re so confident that you’ll love the new life you can have by hearing the conversation again, that we want you to try our product for 30 days. Further, we offer a variety of payment options so we can keep it easy on your budget while you’re regaining your lifestyle back. Why let another day go by without giving us a try? The only thing you have to lose is not being able to enjoy the lifestyle you had before your hearing issues.

Tiny and Discreet

Others likely won’t realize you’re wearing our hearing aids. Our technology is so cutting edge that you will be amazed at the tiny size and discreet nature of our product lineup.

Life Changing

The little things we take for granted are put into perspective when we lose them. That’s why being able to maintain your ability to hear the conversation can make such a dramatic difference in your life. Our amazing hearing aids can make that kind of a difference in your life.

Clear Digital Sound

Using the latest in sound technology, our digital hearing aids are a huge step above the way hearing aids used to be. Not only is the sound quality outstanding, but we’re confident you’ll be amazed at just what a difference it can make in your life.

Easy on Your Budget

With stories of others paying as much as a small car, we recognize that such a high cost does not fit everyone’s budget. That’s why we offer a variety of products and a variety of payment options, so you can get the full benefit of our product one payment at a time.

Simple to Use

Just because we deploy some of the latest in micro technology does not mean it needs to be complex and difficult to use. Our product was designed so that anybody could use it, irrespective of their technology prowess.

All Day Comfort

What good is having a technologically innovative and discreet product if you don’t like wearing it? That’s why our models are first and foremost designed to be comfortable.



Arleta did a great job walking me through the new hearing aid process. After testing, she recommended the hearing aids that I purchased. I am very pleased with the results and she is available for questions and adjustments. I can hear so much better and I love the rechargeable feature. Thank you Arleta.

Steve M.


I would recommend benefit hearing for all your hearing needs. The service that I received from Arleta Holmes was exceptional. The care she took to make sure my hearing aids worked for me and after care have been exceptional. She has gone way out of her way to help me with any adjustments or cleaning with my crazy work hours.

Joe A.

Hearing aids are working out very well for me.

Harold B.

This is the first time I have had hearing aids and it has been a terrific experience with this company, the customer service I think is absolutely peerless. There is very very few companies can compare with the excellence customer service from this company. My particular contact is a woman named Arleta and if it weren’t for her, I was about to say gee these don’t doing to well and I’m just going to send them back and wait another couple of years. But she stuck with me all the way, over days and weeks even answering any questions that I had, calling me suggestions and that sort of thing. So I am a very very happy with Benefit Hearing.

Andrew B.

Key Features

We offer some of the smallest and lightest hearing aids in the marketplace at a price your budget can appreciate while keeping up with your lifestyle.

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Clear Digital Sound
Tiny And Discreet
Easy Settings
Easy On Your Budget



Phonak - life is on


Signia - Life sounds brilliant




Unitron - Love the experience

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What's In Box Standard

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Troubleshooting Pro & Premium


Benefit Hearing is one of the fastest growing companies providing hearing evaluations, sales and service of hearing aids. We are committed to improving your personal lifestyle through better hearing.

No problem. When you purchase your hearing aid from us, you’ll have access to our specialized staff, to help resolve the problem. Plus our products come with a minimum one year manufacturer warranty.

Yes. We offer a 30-Day Risk Free Trial to make sure our hearing aids are right for you. We want you to be completely satisfied and tell your friends and family about us.


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